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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Terry Spear's- A Howl for the Highlander REVIEW!

I received this book a while back, and it shoulda been done, waaaaay before now, but with all the family stuff going on, I’ve had to postpone my reviews, until now!!! Family stuff is finally taken care of, and I am back on track! Yesterday I reviewed Saranna DeWyldes, “How to Seduce an Angel”, TODAY I’m reviewing yet another Terry Spear book, this one’s called “A Howl for the Highlander”

Before you even ask, yes…I LOVE Terry Spear books. I’ve always loved them, and with each one I read, I know that I will ALWAYS love them. She is a fantastic author, and I am in love with her highlander series. This is the second, I believe, of this particular series, and while it’s a standalone, I recommend you read the first one, ‘The Heart of the Highland Wolf’, as you’ll love the way they weave together.

I love reading books in order, I love knowing what happened before, and why these characters are here, what they’re doing, and WHY!! The why is very important to me, and terry Spear never gets off track, throughout the book you always know what the characters are doing, and to what goal they’re trying to achieve, and I love that about her books!

Having read the first book, (The Heart of the Highland Wolf) I already knew a little about the main male character, Duncan. He’s a warrior at heart, who simply wants go get back what was stolen from him family. He’s loyal kind, and everything a she-wolf would want in a mate.

Including, Shelly! She’s a wolf with a history, a wrong-side-of-the tracks sort, in an unusual sense. I’d tell you….but it’s much better if you read it and find out what I mean. They’re both from Scotland, but only Duncan lives in a castle.

Having spent her life in Texas with her small family, Shelly has dedicated her life to research- her cause is noble, but no good deed goes unpunished, and before long, Shelly is up to her fur in the same battle waging between Duncan and the man who stole his family’s fortune.

Together, they’ll learn what it all means, and along the way, what they mean to each other!

If murder, money, werewolves, and romance aren’t enough, there’s plenty of family dynamics to keep you entertained, not to mention a paradise just waiting to be explored.

“A Howl for a Highlander” is the second standalone installment in this series, so look for ‘A Highland Werewolf wedding, where you’ll get to meet yet another of the delicious, MacNeill brothers, and learn what it truly means to be part of the pack.

If it isn’t obvious yet, I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book, the characters are so realistic (even for werewolves), their issues believable, and the descriptions! I love the way Terry Spear makes it so easy to jump right in from the first chapter; definitely another movie-in-your-head type.  

Hot, action packed, and full of werewolf mayhem to keep you reading late into the night, “A Howl for the Highlander” is a definite keeper, and I look forward to reading “A Highland Werewolf wedding next!”

A Howl for a Highlander (Heart of the Wolf, #10)

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