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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review of HUNTED, by Rebecca Zanetti.

So I've been sick this week, and got a little behind in my reading, but finally, I have my review for Hunted up, so here it is;

By Rebecca Zanetti

Another to add to my keep shelf!

This was my introduction to Rebecca Zanetti, and her stories, and yes, I am aware that this is not the first book in her series, but given that I didn’t even KNOW it was a series until after I read, there was no problem, with whether or not the story would work as a standalone.

I chose this book, because I love books about witches and of course because it was a romance, and I was NOT disappointed.

I would recommend this book to all my friends, and anyone who likes a good paranormal romance. The details where terrific, and I love the way Moira is so sweet, she wanted Conn to claim her all those years ago, and has made herself into a very powerful witch waiting on him. Conn is fantastic character in his own right, formidable, though I was worried, because the vampire bit is a bit cliché now with all the vampire stories out there. BUT he was a different sort than I’m used to reading about so it was a refreshing new take in my opinion. He’s very take-charge, but he clearly cares about her, I loved him as the male lead.

Rebecca Zanetti, is for sure going on my list of authors to look out for, and of course, now that I’ve read Hunted, I will most likely being go back to find the other books in her series as well- and I have to say, I LOVED the way she started Hunted. The chemistry was awesome; the brisk pace of the story line, and of course, the abundance of action- you couldn’t ask for a better story.  

Read this book, you won’t regret it. 

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