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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bear Meets Girl, Shelly Laurenston. (review)

Bear Meets Girl,
Shelly Laurenston.

I just finished Bear Meets Girl, by Shellly Laurenston, and Oh.Em.Gee.
I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance, because this is going to be one of those drooling fan-girl moments.
I freakin LOVE this book!
I wanted to read this book almost from the first time I saw the summary of it, on Kensington’s website, and I have been chomping at the bit to get my hands on it ever since.
It finally arrived a few weeks ago, and I waited to read it, because I wanted to make sure I had enough time to do it justice- meaning I had to wait for a night were I would have at least 4 to 5 hours of non-stop reading time.

To be completely honest, this book reminds me a lot of Rachel Vincent’s shifter series, and coming from me, that means A LOT.
There is plenty of girl power; in fact, there is more girl power, than male chauvinism, which is usually the case with shifter stories.
This is the VERY FIRST book I’ve read, where the men did not walk all over there women, demanding they stay safely tucked away.
In fact, in THIS particular book, the women ran the show- and I do mean that literally.
Every male in this book knew that when his woman was angry it was best to as she said, because there was no getting around the fact, that these women are kick-a**.

It took me a little over four hours to read this book simply because I DEVOURED it. Yes, I said devoured. It was more than just kick-a**, it was more than a steamy scene in the sheets, it was MORE than a love story, there was so MUCH to this book, it’s hard to pinpoint what I loved the most, but I think it would have to be, that this book inspired me.
I love to write, as much as I love to read, and the fact that I wanted to jump up and run to my laptop with each passing chapter makes me giddy.

This book is for-sure staying on my shelves!

Be advised, due to language, mature scenes, and violent details, I would not advise this book to someone who is either not old enough, or can’t handle mature content.

This book had more than its fair share of verbal abuse, fighting, and of course bedrooms. But for those who love a good paranormal romance, one with a little kick, and more than a little bar-none attitude, this book is DEFINITLEY for you! I highly recommend it.

Bravo Shelly Laurenston, I’ve never read your books before, so this is a great first impression.

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