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Monday, April 23, 2012

Blood Secret, By Sharon Page. - Review

So, I have Blood Secret, by Sharon Page for review today, a historical paranormal romance.

Now as you read this, keep in mind that I love Historical romances, as well as paranormal ones, so to have those two genres TOGETHER is very nearly a perfect book for me.

This book is a bit steamier than I’m used to of late, but considering there is a WARNING on the back, that’s to be expected….and anticipated? Yes, I had that in mind when I asked for this one.

We start out with Lucy Drake; her brother has managed to get himself into pretty deep trouble, the least of which may be his gambling debt to a certain Duke of Greystone.

Irate, Lucy knows someone must pay her siblings debt, but without money, she offers the one thing she has left to her- her virginity; in order to save her family.

But Lucy has a secret, and she isn’t the only one.

The Duke of Greystone is a man on a mission, he’s intentionally allowed Lucy’s brother to stay in his debt, but only because he believes he may have knowledge of his nephews ware bouts. But the Duke isn’t only out to find his missing nephew, he has another mission as well; one that could mean the end of Lucy.

I abhor spoilers, and try not to give them away too often, so I’m not going to give away any now, but I loved the way Sharon Page seems to bring the book to life through beautiful descriptions, and realistic thoughts/speech.

I enjoyed ‘Blood Secret’ and I’m not sure if it’s because I wasn’t very interested in the last two books I reviewed, or if it was truly a great book. Either way, ‘Blood Secret’ is a keeper, and it’s staying on my shelves for a long while. I hope you check out, and enjoy it as much as I did. –Be on the lookout for more from Sharon Page.

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