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Thursday, August 30, 2012

How For It, by Shelly Laurentston and Cynthia Eden, Review pt 1

I am currently reading Howl For It, a novel, of 2 stories, by Shelly Laurenston, and Cynthia Eden.

Shelly Laurenston, also writes a new favorite of mine, Bear Meets Girl.

The first Novella in the book is called ‘Like a Wolf with a Bone’, and it’s by Shelly Laurenston.
Keep in mind as I write this review, that I typically don’t read novella’s, or books with more than one story inside, as I like my books to be a bit longer, however, recently I read a story, ‘Bear Meets Girl’ by Shelly Laurenston, who is one of the authors here, and as I loved it so much, I decided to give this one a try as well.

As there are 2 stories here, this will be a 2 part review, that way both stories receive a review, rather than a review of the entire book itself, so as not to confuse the reader as to which book I am talking about.

This review is for ‘Like a Wolf with a Bone’ by Shelly Laurenston.

Ok, so as I’ve mentioned, Shelly Laurenston has become a recent favorite of mine, I’ve only ever read one other book by her, but as first impressions go, that one blew me out of the water. Bear Meets Girl was much anticipated, so for me to love it so much as to read another book by her, one not related, and one in a format I usually don’t read, you know, the author really has something. (A review of Bear Meets Girl is currently available on my blog)

Like a Wolf with A Bone, starts on, somewhere, I think in the 1970’s, but as the wolves are somewhat long lived, I cannot be entirely certain. There are a few hints to give that impression however, such as one of the cars, a 1971 Plymouth GTX, which I know, really could mean nothing; but there was also a concert, in which a rock band famous in the 70’s was one of the coveted entertainers, as well as a few other mentions, that you’ll have to read to find out about.

Lately, I’ve been choosing books written in southern tones, and this one, was much the same, with names such as Egbert Ray, (the main male character) and Darla Mae (the main female lead) as well as their endless amount of siblings, and cousins, all with similar names. The names alone are enough to give you that southern feel, but if that isn’t enough, we have enough good home cooking to feed an army, a few gun toting relatives, as well as some back road racing, and even a family dinner guaranteed to intimidate even the bravest of future in-laws.

With that being said, as I am not familiar with that time period, I don’t know that the overly country phrases, and accents are realistic, but as it’s a story about wolves, I hardly think that matters, the book was funny, romantic, and exactly the kind of thing I LOVE to read. As a country girl myself, I could relate somewhat to the thoughts, and feelings, and of course, some of the given circumstances.

My favorite scene (possible spoiler alert) was right before a steamy scene, when Eggie (Egbert Ray) admits he can’t resist Darla, claiming it isn’t fair for her to smell so nice, or look so ‘damn’ pretty.  You really get a feel for their relationship, and Eggie’s personality, as well as finding out the sort of girl Darla is, and how different she is than her somewhat ‘in your face’ sisters.
Also…you’ll wanna read this book, because not only was the story pretty awesome, the Epilogue was, in my opinion, HILARIOUS, and so so so well deserved. I highly recommend this book, if for this story alone, but if that isn’t enough to convince you, then keep a look out for the second part of this review, which includes ‘Wed or Dead’ by Cynthia Eden, who also writes ‘Angel Betrayed’ which is also on my TBR (to be read) list.

And of course, Howl For It, is published by Kensington, so please check out their site as well.

Also, don’t forget to watch for the review of Wed or Dead, to be finished soon. 

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