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Monday, September 10, 2012

Wed or Dead. By Cynthia Eden, Novella review, Pt.2 (Howl For It)

Just finished the second story in “Howl For It” called, ‘Wed or Dead’ by Cynthia Eden, about a Hunter, who somehow falls in love with her prey.

As I suspected, this story was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  “Howl For It” is really making me want to reconsider my novella policy. As I stated before, I typically don’t read books with more than one story in them, because I usually find them lacking in details, and quality. I don’t like to feel rushed when I’m enjoying a good story, but with this one, rather than feeling as though you are being shoved at warp speed through the set-up, you are dropped dead center into the action, with just enough back story to keep you interested, while simultaneously giving you ample time to fall in love.

I liked the first story by Shelly Laurenston, which was called ‘Like a wolf without a bone’, but I LOVED ‘Wed or Dead’ by Cynthia Eden.

This being my first story by Cynthia Eden, I wasn’t really sure what to expect,  but again, I am so, so, SO glad I gave this book a chance, as it’s definitely going on the keeper shelf.

In this story, we have the female lead, Kayla, a bad-ass; take charge, paranormal butt-kicking human, whose fate led her to a small chapel in Sin City, where she’s married male lead, wolf shifter, and all around good-guy Gage.

Apart, they have their secrets, prey and predator, a kill or be killed type of story that leaves you wondering, just how they managed to fall in love to begin with. But together, they are a love so strong that even family ties cannot keep them apart. They perfectly balance each other in ways; I’ve yet to see in a similar setting.

I love Kayla’s ‘Oh hell-no’ attitude, as well as Gage’s ‘Touch her and die’ stance; to me, they are the perfect couple, matched in both wits, and strength, though completely different in race.

I highly recommend this book, to anyone who likes fast, action packed drama, with a little love, blood, and lust thrown in for good measure. I’d consider this a paranormal romance, but true to my love of detailed plots, I gotta say, I would love to see ‘Wed or Dead’ as a full length novel, or even a sequel would be awesome!

Cynthia Eden has for sure made it on to my authors to watch for list, so expect more reviews from her books in the future, as I intend to hunt those down as well.

The review for the first novella in “Howl For It”, ‘Like a Wolf With a Bone’ by Shelly Laurenston is currently available, so check that out as well, and of course, for a synopsis, this book is published by Kensington, so don’t forget to check out their site as well. 

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