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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Must Love Vampires, by Heidi Betts. Review

Must Love Vampires, by Heidi Betts

So I haven’t had a lot of down time lately to finish my book reviews and of course their stacking up, which isn’t completely unusual, but I finally got around to finishing Must Love Vampires, which was on the top of my list,  and I gotta say, as far as a fast paced read, it’s pretty good.

I typically like books that take longer to finish, as I like the extreme details, and complicated plots, but I knew I wasn’t going to have a whole lot of time to finish this one, so I chose Must Love Vampire, because it has two short stories in it.

One, Vampnapped is about a woman whose bored making up stories for a conspiracy newspaper, and decides to delve into one she thinks will be more truthful, based on her sister’s boss, whom she believes to be a night-walking, blood-sucking, vampire.

What she finds is a more truth and honesty than she bargained for, as well as a whole lot more she could have never expected.

Of course, being that this is a paranormal romance, we all suspect her assumptions to be true, which is a little why I don’t usually get into these types of books, as I’ve mentioned before in earlier reviews. They are usually a little short on detail as they've got a limited amount of space, and the plot is slightly rushed, again, because of a limited amount of space. HOWEVER, this was a nice quick, fun read, very juicy at some points, and conclusive as well.

I would like to see this expanded into a full length novel, both books as maybe a series instead of packed into one title, but none the less I enjoyed the read.

The second story is called Married with Fangs, and it’s about said sister, who works in a casino as a dancer, who’s had the fortune of finding herself in a whirl wind relationship with the wealthy brother of her boss.

Thinking to finally find her son a father, and a husband for herself, so that she may retire from her hip-thrusting, high-kicking routine, she’s agreed to her sister’s outrageous schemes, and decides to marry the man of her dreams on the sly, in a little chapel, unbeknownst to both their families.

As I mentioned, I could have done with a little more plot, maybe a little intrigue or mystery, but overall, I enjoyed the story, and it had me smiling, and even laughing in several places.

I loved the ending, as it included both stories intertwining, with a lot more detail. Much more like the full length novel I’m used to. Definitely going on the keeper shelf, so be sure and check it out.  It’s everything you want and expect in a vampire story. 

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