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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Seal in Wolfs Clothing (Terry Spear) –review

A Seal in Wolfs Clothing –review

By Terry Spear.

Fair warning- I’m going to gush and I apologize. I know it’s not very professional, which is why I apologized I advance, but sometimes a girl just can’t help it!

Terry Spear has, and always will be on my list of favorite authors. She’s been there for some time, since I picked up one of her books from the public library, but every book I read of hers just seems to cement her place on my shelves.

To be honest, getting one of her wolf books in the mail is a little like Christmas to me. I anticipated each day, until it finally arrives, and then I squeal like a teenage girl before I finally mange to calm down and read it.

I was no different with this one. –You’ve been warned.               

The last book I reviewed by Terry Spear was ‘Dreaming of the Wolf’, and before that was; ‘Heart of the Highland Wolf’ so I’ve gotten used to her writing style and I really like it. Truthfully, I love her Highland series the most I think, simply because of the romance of it, and the accents of course. LOVE the accents. But in this review I’m going to talk about ‘A Seal in Wolfs Clothing’ which I just finished.
We start out where we left off in ‘To Tempt the Wolf’ with Hunter’s twin sister Meara. She’s determined to find a mate, and why shouldn’t she be? With her brother safely on his honeymoon, she’s finally left to her own devices, and has every intention on utilizing the time to herself.  She’s already made plans with several apha’s and is quite intent on getting to know them while her overbearing overprotective brother is away. What she doesn’t count on is Finn Emerson coming to screw it all up.
As part of Hunter’s elite Navy SEALS team, Finn, and every other male in the vicinity knows that Meara is strictly off limits, and even though he keeps telling himself that, he can’t make his body listen. He wants her, and the worst part? She wants him too, there’s no resistant to keep them apart….except a deadly assassin.
I am in LOVE with this book! I say that a lot, I know, but trust me, Terry Spear is a great author, and she has several note-worthy books, it bears repeating!  This one in particular is great because we are thrown into the world of intrigue, and adventure. We get to read about sexy SEALS, and their wolfish ways, while joining in on the mystery of finding a killer, and even falling in love along the way. What isn’t to love about that???

Meara is strong, independent, and bull headed- she doesn’t take orders, well and she’s all too ready to kick butt, while Finn is strong, protective, and not mention he’s one of her brother’s best friends. He knows the rules the same as everyone else, but can’t keep himself from wanting to be with her.  It’s like they were MADE for each other!

*I can't wait to see if we hear about Bjornolf next!*

If I haven’t said it yet, I’ll say it now- this book is definitely a keeper!!!! And if you don’t believe me, well….you’ll just have to check it out for yourself. “A Seal in Wolfs Clothing” by: Terry Spear.
For more of her books, check out her website at;

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