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Friday, May 10, 2013

Leanan sídhe

Art by Anne Stokes. 
An entry on writing. com for a group (Coffee Shop for Fantasy Society) I participated in.
Based on the definition of the: Leanan sídhe

-Given Here:

"Do you love me?”


Shannon knew he lied, but it stung none the less. How could he, a creature of the mortal plains not love her, a Lianhan Shee? It just wasn’t possible; a man who denied her love just did not exist… Until now.


“No, Shannon. I desire you, I like you, but I do not love you.” His voice was tight, his eyes dark and his fists were clenched over his chest where he’d crossed his arms only moments earlier.

“Are you sure?” A tight white gown made of the finest fairy silk clung to her curves, showcasing her every asset, and she knew she looked good, too good that he should be able to deny her.

“I am positive.” His answer rang hollow, but without a confession of his feelings she could not keep him.

“And you will never love me?” To be normal would mean life in the mortal planes, with this man as her only love. She’d loved frequently in the past, more so than any woman had a right to, but never had she wanted love in return… Until now.


Shannon stared at her lover for a moment, his green eyes bright in the early morning light. Nothing but a pair of jeans covered his form, and yet she found him more attractive than she had the day she’d lured him into her garden. Had it only been six months since their tryst had begun? “Then you win.”

“I know.”

He should not know. He couldn’t know. It was a lie, it had to be. The expression in his gaze proved he did not lie, and in her heart she knew. He knew, and he loved her, but he would never admit it. He would not die because of her. Relief flooded her entire being, and for the first time in her existence she smiled a genuine smile, guaranteed to bring men to their knees. Yet he did not fall.

“You own me, Walker of the night.”

“Yes, butterfly. I do.” He nodded, and a twinkle flashed in his emerald gaze. “I own you, and I desire that you come home with me.”

“Home- but where is your home?” Shannon watched, transfixed, as he gathered the remainder of his clothes and packed them gently into his leather pack. “Where am I going?” There was no need for her to pack any clothes; she’d lived in the Fae realms her entire life. Nothing existed for her outside its walls.


“But…but that’s in the mortal realms!”

“Yes it is.” He nodded once more, and slung the pack over his shoulder, then turned towards her and reached out with one hand.

“But I like it here.”

“Well I don’t, and I don’t love you. Therefore you are my slave, and you go where I say. Now come with me.” He held out his hand, beckoning she follow, yet still she resisted.

“Aren’t you afraid others will want me, afraid I will betray you to your brethren mortals?”

“Of course not. I order you to be faithful.”

Horrified, Shannon gasped. Her eyes widened in shock, and she shook her head. “But…but…that is impossible! I am a Lianhan Shee!”

“No, you are my slave.”

“I am still a fairy of love!”

“But you are my fairy of love, and you love only me.”

“Do you say this because you love me…Vampire?”

“No, I say this because I desire you. Now come on.” His hand slid into hers, and he gripped her pearlescent palm, then very carefully led her to the only door in the entire room. “You will live with me, In the Mortal realm. In Ireland, the land of my fathers.”

“But I don’t want to!”

“And I don’t care. Too long you have controlled the fates of men, driving them to destruction with your passionate kiss of death. My friends are gone because of you, my brothers. I swore their revenge, and have it I shall. You are mine, and mine alone. Come Fairy.”

Shannon whimpered, but followed as he led her across the room and out the door. At once her room faded, along with her silks, satins and the colors she so adored and in their place, rolling hills of green grass. The vampire smiled, and the moon glowed bright from its perch atop the world. Stars flashed brilliantly, and for an instant she wondered if maybe she had been wrong to seclude herself in the Tir-na-n-Og.

“You like it.”

“I do not, I hate it. It’s horrid and cold, and horrendous!” Shannon pouted prettily, and lied through her ivory teeth, but he was a vampire and he sensed her lie.

“You do like it, and you will like my home.”

Silently, Shannon allowed him to pull her along, until they reached the edge of the city where he hailed a car to take him further into the hills. “I will not like your domain, I will hate it, as I hate you.”

“If you hated me, Butterfly, then you would not be my slave. You love me, I know you do.”

“I will come to hate you.”

“I doubt that.” He smirked, and still he gripped her hand, though the cab moved easily through the rolling streets and there was nowhere for her to go.

"Why do you call me Butterfly?”

“Because of the wings.”

“What wings?”

“All fairies have wings.”

Shannon rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms angrily, before turning to stare out the window once more. It really was a lovely site, if she were truly honest.

“There is another matter we should discuss.”

“And what is that?” There could be nothing worse, nothing more depressing then becoming the slave of a vampire.

“The matter of my nightly feedings. I shall take blood from you.”

“But that’s sacrilegious!”

“That is the way of the vampire, I played your games, and you shall play mine. I will never hurt you, but I will take from you what I need. In exchange I will provide for your every need, you will be happy, and I will be faithful to you.”

“This sounds suspiciously like a marriage.”

“And would that be so bad?”

“Marriages are for those that love. Do you love me blood sucker?”

“I’ve told you already, Shannon. I do not love you, and I forbid you from ever asking me that again.”

“That’s not fair, how will I ever be free if I cannot claim your love!”

The vampire smiled. “That is the point. I will never crumble at your feet, though beautiful that they are. I have no wish to die. I have no wish to find my demise in your lovely arms.” The vampire sighed and glanced out into the night. “To love you would be suicide.”

“You lie. You do love me, I know you do. I see it when you look at me; I hear it in your voice when you speak to me.” Shannon scowled out her own window, then turned slowly when he carefully took her hand in his and gently slid a small silver ring onto the third finger of her left hand.

“There is no word to describe how I feel about you Shannon. Be my wife, and love me. That is all that I ask.”

“And in return?”

He shrugged.

Angry, Shannon jerked her hand back, then glared down at the ring gracing her finger. It was the most beautiful piece of jewelry she’d ever seen, and she loved it, but he could never know of her love. He’d already trapped her for eternity, vulnerability would only be a weapon for him to use against her. “Fine, I will love you, and I will do all that you say, but you will suffer my every whim, and you will suffer my passion, though you may not die as you would if you loved me, you will know me for what I am, a Lianhan Shee.”

The vampire smiled. “That is all that I ask, Butterfly.”

-cssndrmks ©

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