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Friday, May 10, 2013

Hotter Than Hell: Excerpt

"I liked summer; I liked that I could wear my flip-flops, and that my neck didn’t get cold when I wore my hair back, and that I could paint my toe nails, and they wouldn’t be hidden beneath snow boots, or tennis shoes. I liked not having to wear gloves to scrape snow off my car, and being able to walk down the street for a coffee, without freezing my ass off. Ok, so I didn’t like sweating to death either, but hey, some sacrifices were worth making. I liked the freedom summer provided. Which was why I was able to walk to the coffee shop in only my sandals, a tank top, and a pair of jogging shorts, even though it was almost midnight. I would have liked it even more, except that I lived on the very edge of the bad part of town, and sometimes late at night, you could hear people scream. Tonight was one of those nights."

- An Excerpt from something I am working on, called: Hotter Than Hell

"I'm already hooked before even looking at any of the chapters.. if your chapter writings are anything like your hook at the end of this excerpt, then I don't have any doubt that I will really like whats to follow as well. Looking forward to reading more!" - review from reader on writing. com

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