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Friday, May 10, 2013

Letters of the Past: A working title.

I do not own this image. 

Writers Cramp Entry, 1,000 words or less.

 My dearest Ann,

Though we did not know each other well- I know this letter may come as a shock to you. I am your Great Aunt Meredith. A sister to your grandmother, on your father’s side. I know they recently passed away, and your grandmother has as well, leaving you to your fate as a young woman alone in the world. Your mother left you her bookstore, 'The Howling Pages,' and your father left you a small sum of money to temporarily tide you over. Your grandmother left you nothing- not even a word of my existence.

I had intended to come to your aid the moment I heard, but recent events due to my health have kept me in my sick bed. I want you to know I have always loved you, and thought about you; especially in my recent years as I had no children of my own. A long ago quarrel with your grandmother kept me away, and I regret that we never had a chance to know each other.

If you are getting this, then I am afraid that I have passed on, as per the will I have left in your name. Included with this letter, I have two photos. One of which is of you and I. You were only three, so you will not remember me, but this has always been a treasured memento of mine, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

The second photo is of my house, here in Ireland, it is now yours, along with all my worldly possessions and finances. Your grandmother talked your parents into hiding this part of your past, so I am not surprised that you are probably now thinking I have the wrong girl, though I assure you I do not. Also in the bottom of this box, you will find a postcard. This is also very near and dear to me as it is the first letter your great Uncle ever sent me, while he was away on missions. It is of the place were you were born. I regret that I will not be here to explain what I mean by this, as your parents have no doubt told you, that you were born in a hospital near Cleveland, as is normal for any human born child. You must trust that I have set everything up accordingly. You will be well taken care of, and a close friend of mine will stop by the first night you arrive to explain further.

Lastly, inside the wooden box, you will find a pair of earrings. They may not look like much now, simple little silver studs but I promise they hold great power. Though you do not have to wear them, they will protect you as long as they are near your person. Protection from what; you may ask. That is all for Gregoire to explain.
Love, Meredith Sinclair McAlister.

P.S, I love you, as I have always loved you, I will continue to do so. Remember, when you are surrounded by enemies trust in your partner. He will never steer you wrong.


Anne McAlister stared up at the magnificent mansion, her mossy green eyes wide with awe. Her hands trembled, and the letter she held shook as she reached up to slide the skeleton key into the lock of a massive, wooden door. A light inside clicked on, and the monstrous Oak door swung open easily. Not a single sound other than the click of her heels on the cold marble entry as she ventured cautiously inside. Unfortunately no one greeted her, as she had hoped.

Once inside she closed the door gently behind her, and shrugged out of her thin spring jacket before hanging it only the intricately decorated coat rack beside the door. Below, an umbrella stand with a single green umbrella in its center stood idly. Nervous, Anne opened the letter once more, and scanned its contents to make sure she had the right address. Confident, that she was exactly where she was supposed to be she refolded it and slid it into the back pocket of her jeans. Her heels clicked softly as she slowly walked across the entry and opened the first door she came to. Carefully, she peeked inside, then drew back with a gasp at the site of the three men sitting just inside, at a small marble café table.

Among the three, one male with piercing green eyes and jet-black hair stood. His crystalline gaze raked over her entire body casually then up to her eyes. He scowled. “You’re Anne McAllister?”

“Is this your house? I didn’t mean to intrude, I was looking for the residence of Meredith McAllister…Wait- how do you know my name?” It seemed to take a moment for the realization to dawn, and she was confident she had the right place now.

“This was her house. It is yours now. Welcome to Stonewall Sanctum.” He spoke with an Irish accent that made her toes curl and her heart hammer painfully.

If not for the nervous flutter of her pulse, she might have found the man attractive. As it was, she was still trying to figure out what it was she was doing here.

Anne carefully raised her chin, and squared her shoulders. “Why is it called the Sanctum,” she demanded.

“There is the take charge McAllister we all know and love, peeking through the blood lines,” commented one of the other men, still sitting at the café style table. The third raised his mug and took a sip, then smiled with a nod and placed it gently back on the table.

“This is Stonewall Sanctum, a sanctuary for Other Kin. As the only remaining heir, you are its new mistress. Congratulations. “

Anne raised one eyebrow skeptically, and crossed her arms. “And what pray tell is an Other Kin?”

“You are a member of the Tuatha De’Dannan- a highly recognized member of the Fay race.”


-cssndrmks ©

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