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Friday, April 12, 2013

A Ghost of a Chance at Love, By: Terry Spear. (Review)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Ghost of a Chance at Love, By: Terry Spear. (Review)

So I have been given a great opportunity, to review a new story, by a great author; Terry Spear.

I've actually read her books before, so I knew I would like her story, but I didn't know how much.

‘A Ghost of a Chance at Love’ is actually a little out of my league, because while I love the paranormal/fantasy genre, I am a bit out of my league in Time travel. Not just time travel, but Western as well.
Gulp! Bravely, I delved into this book with admittedly a little hesitancy.
And I am SOOOOOOO glad I did!!!! As my first real western/time travel novel, I was actually impressed! -Not that I didn't think it wouldn't be impressive, Ms. Spear is a GREAT author after all, I have enjoyed her books before, but I was certainly not expecting this!

I LOVED it! As I said, this isn't my usual genre, so I tread a little carefully here, not exactly sure what I should compare it to; As far as romances go, it was beautiful! Masterfully written, concise, and extremely well detailed. It was like I'd gone back in time myself!

At times I was frustrated on behalf of the characters, sometimes cheering them on, and even gasping during their peril. I wanted to shout at the book. How could so much happen to one person? Or should I say two, considering, this IS a romance.

These characters are clearly made of stronger stuff than I. I would not have lasted a day in their lives. In the beginning, it's a bit foggy what's going on, we have the main character, a lovely American, Lisa, who's obviously had a hard day, what with her hasty divorce and all, she doesn't quite realize she isn't where she's supposed to be; and we have the sexy cowboy, Jack, who's obviously had a long day as well, who’s dreaming about his deceased fiancĂ©e. They both seem a little surprised to find each other, him being that it's HIS hotel room and her being in a completely different time period than the one she fell asleep in.

They're chemistry is pretty much instantaneous. I admit I was in love with him from the start. I'm a sucker for charming hospitality! Through out the story, he continuously tries to help her; despite the fact that he thinks she's sick, crazy, or maybe both. Against all odds, he keeps trying to help her, even when the odds are against them and it's HIS neck on the line.

I was relieved when they figured out what was causing her to time travel, and more than a little excited when she somehow managed to bring him back with her. I thought perhaps they should have stayed in her time where things were easier to understand, but then it wasn't, not for him anyway, so it's more of a compromise, who could survive best, where. I felt like a kid at Christmas, waiting for his reaction to all the discoveries he'd surely make.

I was a bit surprised at how easily he handled being transported through time. He didn't really react to his first car ride, which HAD to have been terrifying; or the washer and dryer, which was probably more confusing than anything. He DID react strongly to the scantily clad women, I was glad to see, I liked seeing his reaction.

I've always been one for a faster pace, and this book IS a little slower in some parts, and then a little rushed in others, but it balances well.

What I wouldn't love to be this girl, with so many men in love with her, despite a few of them being crazy, or evil, or even on the wrong side of the law. She's obviously a beautiful girl, brave, courageous, and full of life, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to survive being shot at, kidnapped, transported through time, a pawn for the FBI, and probably the most frustrating of all, mistaken identity!

I was a bit bummed about a few of the deaths, but in the end it worked out, so I wasn't TOO disappointed. What's a good story without a couple deaths, right?

I think I fell a little in love with the main character's brother, Mathew, as well. He seemed so charming, and affectionate, as well as hospitable, like his brother, Jack. I was always glad to see him when things got complicated.
I am a bit more familiar with the settings, as well as their speech, I DO live in Kentucky, but those who don't know or haven't heard a southerner talk might have a little trouble following along with some of the slang.
Despite that, this story was very in-depth; I personally didn't have any trouble what-so-ever following along, despite its complicated story-line. I like a little mystery in my books, and this book held nothing back in that department.

I fully recommend this book!
After I started reading it, I just couldn't put it down! -Can't wait to see what else Ms. Spear comes up with!

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