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Friday, April 12, 2013

My Review for: Alaskan Fire, By: Sara King-

A review from JMO-

My Review for:

Alaskan Fire, By: Sara King-

So I have been putting this review off for a few weeks, mostly because I wanted to make sure I gave a good review, A:) Because I LOVED the book, and B:) because it will be my first official paranormal book review here on JMO.

I have left a review on Amazon already, and thought maybe it was best just to leave that one instead, because It says exactly how I felt about the book without all the girlish fan-girl drooling.

My review on Amazon-
“I just could not stop reading this book!!!! I started reading this in the early evening, and literally COULD NOT put it down, I even gave up sleep in an attempt to finish it, and spent the rest of the day in a sort of daze just thinking about it! I never wanted it to end, and while I absolutely despised Jack in the beginning, I loved him in the end. Like so many others, I found myself being short with my husband every time I was angry at Jack; fortunately my husband understands, but it just goes to show how EASY it is to get involved in this story. Ms. King does not disappoint. Thankfully it is not like most cliché romances, because while I enjoy cliché, it's nice for something different as well, I loved every second, and would read it over and over again just to get another taste of the Alaskan wild she writes so passionately about.”

-ok so I lied, there was a little drooling, and maybe some squealing as well, BUT it IS a great book, and a great book deserves a little squealing every once in a while. READ it, you won’t be disappointed…or at least, I wasn’t! But then, that's JMO (Just My Opinion)

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