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Friday, April 12, 2013

Dreaming of the Wolf, By: Terry Spear (Review)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dreaming of the Wolf, By: Terry Spear (Review)

Hello readers!

I’m here with yet another book review, after all, that is what Midnight Reads is all about; reviewing books I’ve read. This is a non profit blog, dedicated to sharing my love of reading with anyone who is interested enough to take the time and check us out!

Today I’m reviewing ‘Dreaming of the Wolf’ By: Terry Spear.

I was lucky enough to get to an advanced copy of this book, which just came out on December 1st and I am super excited to tell you about it!

This book has EVERYTHING!!!

No joke, there are Mob bosses, murders, wolves, and best of all LOVE. We start out meeting Alicia Greiston who had had the misfortunate of getting herself wrapped up in a crime spree; as a bounty hunter she’s been given a case that is more personal than professional. She’s hunting her mother’s killers, which given her track record, should have been easy, except they’re on to her, and they want her as bad as she wants them!

Enter Jake Silver, an artist with a bad boy look. He takes beautiful pictures of lush forestry, and finds Alicia in more trouble than she can handle. He’s drawn to her, and immediately decides he’ll do whatever it takes to save her, whether she’s human or not.

Together they face gun-totting mobsters, who aren’t always what they seem, suspicious cops, and of course the call of the wolf. With his family pushing him to make her his and a vendetta against the Mob boss himself, what’s a girl to do?

Well she can shoot them, bite them, and apparently she can send her new family (A pack of wolves) after them.

“She’s good at surviving, I’ll give her that.”- A quote from the book, that I couldn’t have said better myself. I’m an in love with her spirit, how many other girls can go around chasing bad guys, getting shot at, kidnapped, and turned into a wolf, while simultaneously falling in love? Not many. Not to mention she might be pregnant?

Jake is a true hero, he is protective, and while having the traditional wolf qualities, he also recognizes his mate’s need for independence, which makes them a complete power couple. They’re invincible, and I am in awe.

My favorite part is after she's lied to the detectives about how many murders she seen, or guys she's shot, they've left, and she turns to her friends, and says: "I didn't witness any OTHER shootings or killings, I swear it!" I laughed so hard!

Terry Spear has managed to once again write another fantastic novel that leaves me begging for more.

*I’m waiting for Tom’s story now* (Lol)

So we have fainting, guns, mobs, wolves, murder, love, lust, family, and mystery all wrapped into one! Wanna know who killed whom, and why everyone is shooting at each other? You’ll have to read the story to find out!

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