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Friday, April 12, 2013

Forbidden Love, By Terry Spear. (Review)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Forbidden Love, By Terry Spear. (Review)

Here we are again, with another of one of Ms. Spear’s fantastic books.
‘Forbidden Love’ By; Terry Spear.

To be honest I enjoyed this one far more than the Western/Time travel, not because it was any better written, or more enjoyable, but because it is a little closer to what I usually read. I love this kind of story!

It seems as though I can never get enough!

This one was a little bit different than most vampire books. *No, the vampire did not sparkle* In this story, we have the star-crossed lovers, literally kept apart through out her many lifetimes. A true Romeo and Juliet story, with a whole new spin!

I must confess, I’ve never particularly liked Romeo and Juliet, I can’t read something that doesn’t have a happy ending. I crave romance, with a good outcome.

Elizabeth MacLeod was brave, albeit foolish in her time, to have chosen her love over family. She embraced it, yearned for it, and sought to escape the domination of her family, only to die at their hands.

Alena MacLeod is the very epitome of femininity; she’s strong, shapely, determined, and brave. Everything a woman should be! Through centuries she has been kept from her true love, driven apart by circumstances, and even fatality at the hands of her very own blood. In the beginning she doesn’t remember him, but she recognizes something in him, something she doesn’t understand.

He’s a marked man, and she’s his assassin!

As far as Huntress’s go, Alena has always been his natural enemy, but Sutton, A.K.A Ephraim fell in love with her long ago, before things like the Legion, and the Brotherhood ever existed, when they were just man and woman. She’s carried his child, risked her family’s ire, and everything she holds dear to be with him, and he's loved her through centuries, doing everything he can conceive to get her back.

Repeated attempts fail, but when the Legion, (Hunters, and Huntress’s fated to kill the rogue vampires) find that he has something that could destroy them all, they do the very thing that goes against their every law. They send the one person he can’t possibly hope to defend himself against; his Elizabeth reincarnated, in the form of her Great Granddaughter, Alena MacLeod! They resemblance is unmistakable, the memories are overwhelming, and it is she! His long lost love at last, sent to kill him and destroy that which the Legion finds threatening. But he’s innocent, and no one and nothing will keep them apart.

The Legion aren’t the only one’s stirring trouble, a new band of vampires, better known as the Brotherhood want equality, and they're willing to do anything to get it, even if it means wiping out those who try and stop them. Especially if it means killing the Legion.

Alena and Ephraim must battle against everything and everyone they know and love once more, not only for their love, but for their very survival!

I was a little surprised at who the bad guys turned out to be, and who the good guys were. Particular one named Kisaro, who you want to hate, I mean he’s done every despicable thing you can imagine in this story, and yet it’s all in the name of Love! Love for whom you might ask? Well you’ll have to read to find out!

I love this concept! It’s just complicated enough to keep you interested, while at the same time revealing just a few secrets each chapter to make you yearn for more. I mean- Who DOESN"T love a sexy highlander fighting for your love? It’s impossible to stop reading this once you start, so clear some time on your schedule for this one!

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